Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I Want Your Stories

Sometimes shadows walk.

In the gray world of our homes after the sun goes down, we sometimes glimpse the black shapes of people moving through our bedrooms, our hallways, our waking nightmares. They walk, stare, and sometimes … they talk.

They are the Shadow People, and I’ve heard stories about them from people across the globe. What they are is a mystery. Are these Shadow People ghosts? Demons? Reflections from a parallel dimension? An undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato?

Whatever they are, they are real – I’ve seen them.

This blog is about probing the mystery of Shadow People. Have you seen these human figures walking through your room at night – sometimes randomly, sometimes purposefully? Have they been cloaked? Have they had eyes? Or, worse, have they noticed you? I want to hear your story. Do you know what these Shadow People are? I want to hear your explanation.

Some of your stories and explanations will appear in my upcoming book on Shadow People, the rest will appear on this blog for the world to read.

Please leave your stories by posting them as comments on this blog, or e-mail them to for privacy. For e-mailed stories, please paste the entry into the body of the e-mail (double-space between paragraphs). Don’t send attachments. For all stories, please include contact information (phone number/e-mail address/snail-mail address) so I can interview you at length.

From myself, and from the readers, thanks for your stories.


Anonymous said...

The most remarkable sightings/ encounters I've had with Shadow People took place when my husband and I were moving across the country from Oregon to Ohio.

We were severely sleep deprived, and on the evening of day 2, I began to notice something very odd-- I thought perhaps I was hallucinating due to my semi-trance state. I was seeing amorphous, floating, black, cloaked & hooded figures skimming about 6 inches to a foot off the ground. Some were still, but most seemed to be heading somewhere definite-- some going almost as fast as our vehicle! I saw them here and there every few minutes and I couldn't help but feel disturbed. Though I was quite tired, I felt wide awake and everything else I saw looked completely normal.

These sightings continued. I was amazed every time I saw another shadow figure. Several passed over the highway crossing our path as we drove. For the few hours when this happened, I saw them through dusk, dark, and into the next morning before we finally stopped at a motel.

Towards dawn one shadow figure passed right through the cab of our moving truck! I clearly saw the drape of the folds of the encompassing cloak, though the face and head were hidden deep in a cowl. I couldn't help but gasp and pull away-- too stunned to worry about how crazy my actions might seem to my husband.

He noticed. He turned and looked at me and said, "You saw it too?" I was astonished. But at last we were able to compare notes and it seemed we were seeing the same thing. What's more, we were seeing the exact same figures at the exact same time-- we'd point them out to eachother along the trip.

Neither of us had been ingesting any substances or drinking anything but coffee, so these mutual "hallucinations" were perplexing. All we could guess was that the lull of the truck engine over hundreds of miles and both of us being sleep deprived made it easier to see beings that were perhaps of the "astral" plane.

Still-- when 2 people start seeing figures of death (seemingly) everywhere, they might worry for their longevity all of a sudden! We pulled off to stop at a motel shortly after we admitted to one another that we were seeing these things. (This was 4 years ago in 2003, and we're both still very much alive.)

Since then, my husband and I have both seen these beings a couple of times a year-- usually just "passing through" our yard or house. They ignore us for the most part-- though once I chased one down and put my hands right through it. I felt an odd, chilled, deep vibration in the solar plexus area where I had placed my hands. The Shadow Person stopped when I did this -- and I got the distinct impression that his(?) kind are not used to being seen, let alone chased down and poked internally! But, apparently, they can see us well enough-- and "feel" us, too.

Athens, Ohio

Anonymous said...

I have seen and experienced so many things I don't even know were to beging. For the start I believe I have gifts for these things, even having felt gifts from the catholic religion to the other unexpained. I walk into rooms or meet people who don't know me and they pick up my energy. These few people tell me all of my gifts that I have, it is very scary but also amazing at the same time. I sense and see angels, have seen the Blessed Mother, but also have seen and felt people who have passed away. With some people I can see their loved ones behind them and need to pass info on. I am drawn to the Titanic because I believe I was on that ship, the events are so real. I can also enter a person's house and describe the place without being there if a matter of lost objects comes up. At one point in my life I had conflicts with being pulled between good and evil in certain homes I've had. Now my house I live in is peaceful, nothing like the past, although I had an attachment on me not too long ago. This attachment affected me not my home, it is long gone now. Well this is plenty for now, I will get into further details at some point.

Anonymous said...

I had my first encounter with "shawdow people" earlier this year. I was lying in my bed listing to the radio (I have trouble sleeping some nights, and was told the radio could help.)I was just turning off the radio when-For some reson I looked up, and above me were three black/gray drap-y shawdow figures flying around my bed. Immediatly I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep and hoped that I couldve been just imaging.

The next night, I was listing to the radio again-To something my parents didn't really appove of. I had my eyes shut and I heard a voice-Nice/comforting Tell me I was going to get found out. I opened my eyes out of shock! The voice was SO LOUD and clear I was sure it was a visiable person, I looked around and suddenly I noticed another shawdow person (this time just one) flying above my bed. I told it to go away and it stoped and flew away.

The next day my parents found out and were very disapointed in my music choice and took it away. I was very upset and was crying at night and then I heard that voice again tell me it was going to be okay and it was. This time I was scared, I yelled at it to go away. After that I never heard it again. I still don't know whether it was the shawdow people talking to me or something else.
You can tell shawdow people to leave you alone. Maybe there around you because youre doing something wrong/behind someone back and there trying to get you stop or tell someone.

Anonymous said...

My name is Dan. This one night last summer, my friend Blaine and I spent the night over our friend Shawns house. We slept on the couches in the living room which form an L shape. There is a large bay window across the couch I was sleeping on with a street light outside. I can only see sillouettes that cross the window and Blaine couldnt see anything from his position. Midway through the night I woke up with a feeling I can only describe as doom because it was more more than terror. A few minutes into lying there paralized from fear unkowning why I feel this way Blaine askes me if I was awake. I said yes and decided to walk outside for a bit to get some air. He came with me. When we went back inside he mentioned that he woke up with the same feeling of doom that I did and we were confused as to why this had happened. After lying down on the couches again we began to hear small noises from all around the house and the same feeling of doom came over us. We lied awake talking about other things trying to keep our minds of if it until we would hear another noise that brought our attention back. We decided to try to ignore it and go to sleep. We were quiet for a few minutes, but I still could not sleep. A bit into this, I heard Blaine whisper, "Dan?". At this I opened my eyes and saw the sillouette of a person in the bay window walking in our direction. I blinked and it was still there. I knew it wasnt Blaine because I heard his voice from the couch. For a second, I thought it was Shawn. No, it was to tall. By the time the figure walked out of sight of the bay window which was right next to Blaines couch I reached for my cell phone and opened the light onto the room. There was nobody in the room besides the two of us. I also realized that the area in which this figure had just walked through is blocked by the auttomen for Blaines couch. We went outside for the rest of the night...

About 10 months later, I spent the night over Shawns again. it was just me this time and I slept on the same couch. I was half expecting to experience something even of my own imagination because I couldnt stop thinking about what had happened last summer. I knew I would just scare myself so I tried extra hard to ignore any scared feeling I got or noises I heard. Well, an hour or so into the night, trying to fall asleep, I was hit with the same feeling of shear doom. This time, so paralizing that I couldnt even open my eyes. I was terrified, but still thought my mind was doing this to me. After this horrible feeling lasted a few minutes, I came out of it and fell asleep within 20 seconds. My dream started where my night ended. I dreamt that I got up from the couch after that experience and went into shawns room to sleep on his floor. While I was on his floor, the entity came into his room so I got into the bed with shawn, but we had seperate sheets. The entity was pulling my sheets off of me but leaving shawn alone. I tried to pull my sheets but he was to strong so I gave him my sheets and shared with Shawn. The entity remained watching me in the room and I cant remember the rest of the dream, but I know that that wasnt the end. When I woke up from the dream, I looked at my phone. It was 4:00. I tried to go back to sleep, but was very uncomfortable because I still thought my mind was messing with me but I wasnt sure. I layed there until 4:30 when I decided to go home to go to sleep. I went into shawns room to get my shoes and coat and found him awake watching T.V. He told me that he had a dream that we were in his room together and the ghost I told him about last summer was tormenting me and made my scratch my eyes out of my head. He also woke up at exactly 4:00. Naturally, I went to sleep in my own bed that night.

An important factor is what the feeling is exactly. Its not like fear or nervousness that you get when the hairs stand on the back of your neck.
Its a much more intense feeling of doom or dread. Its a negative energy in the air like when you walk in on two people after an argument, you can kind of feel the negative energy in the air. but much much much more negative and intense.

Anonymous said...

Well...I've told this story about a thousand times, but just recently have discovered the enormous amount of similiar stories. This night happened somewhere around 1987-1989 (which would make me between 8-10 years of age) in St.Louis, MO. I woke up in the middle of the night out of nowhere, and looked at the foot of my bed to see a smokey, dark "thing" slowly moving across from my right to left. It was around 4 1/2- 5 feet tall with noticable vapors trailing off it's body. I just laid there watching as it was much darker than the darkness of the room. As it got to the left corner of my bed it stopped moving and turned it's "head" to look at me. It just stood there for a moment, and I could actually see it move it's head closer as if it were trying to see wheather or not I was looking at it. Once it saw I was looking at it, it quickly dove down under my bed in a blink of an eye. I hurried up and looked under my bed to see if I could see it, but all I saw was darkness. I quickly stood on my bed and felt around for the lightbulb, until I finally found it and screwed it in to light up the room. I jumped down as fast as I could and looked under the bed, but saw nothing. That was the one and only encounter I've ever had with it.

The feeling I had was as if I had suprised it, just as much as it suprised me. I didn't feel scared, I had more of a feeling of excitement! All these years and I just now discover that they are called "Shadow People", and that people all over the world have seen them as well!

liz said...

I saw shadow people shortly after my daughter was born. I saw what looked like a short hooded figure with red eyes! come thru the wall of my dining room stop and look at me and my daughter then move thru the basement wall. I later told my husband and he said he hadn't wanted to scare me but he'd seen it too!

Anonymous said...

I'm a magnet for such so I'll just share a few of of the more interesting ones.

All shadows below are opaque and various degrees of color from a filmy dirty-white to pitch black except for this first story, which is really different.

In 2000, and I was lying on my bed awake. Suddenly my head hurt horribly so for no apparent reason. I was in a state that I cannot describe except to say that I was experiencing de-realization to some degree. Also suddenly, three light green (fuzzy) balls about the size of a 21" television set, but round, appeared in my bedroom. *I "felt" someone tell me (see asterisks below) that they were 'his' protection and do not get up. I then prompted to turn my head toward my closet and standing in front of it, as well at the foot of my bed, was the figure of what appeared to be an older man. The form was made out as that of a man; however, lights were what formed his shape. As well as the prominent shadow, the man was nothing more then lights or energy of some kind. The lights were long like neon is long but they were millimeters wide. They were the lengths of each body part, i.e., legs, arms, hands, etc. He had sparkles throughout his body along the lines of the lights. Visualize a spark at the end of a live wire. The lights were different colors and his legs were made up of blue lights that were very long and running from his knees to his ankles with sparkles within. Again, *I felt someone tell me that he was a wise man just visiting to see how I am. I could move my head and eyes around the room with no disruption as to the location of what I was seeing. I just continued to stare at it for about 15 minutes and never got up because 'another' was keeping me from wanting to do so and so out of respect I just sat there and looked. Eventually, everything just disappeared. As soon as it disappeared I had no sign that I had a headache and I immediately had 100% reality back.

Now here's the real eerie part. I was in the coffee isle of the store and glanced over at a box of green tea and the shape of the man that I had seen was the same shape of the individual on the box whose name is Kang. It was on a Good Earth green tea package. Being one that deals with much synchronicity in their life, I accepted the experience as a change of lifestyle so I put my coffee back and bought tea. lol

*Re: "I felt someone tell me" These are not always words spoken in my ears or in my mind, but rather sometimes they are feelings that represent words. It is really hard to define this unless you have experienced the same. They are more often then not like words but no words are spoken is about the best I can say. (Similar to thoughts but not really because there is a feeling that portrays the thought and not words). This is why I say, "I felt someone tell me". Sorry, tough one to define. This 'thought' portrayed by feeling scenario also happens to me occasionally just through the day.

You have to understand that I don't fear such things because it happens to me so frequently and has gone on most of my life. I'm numb to it now due to repetition and have also come to the obvious realization that they aren't hurting me so why fear them.

While laying in my bed wide awake, I was 'prompted' (I hope you know what that really means?) to sit up. Upon doing so, the shadow of a man with a quite distinct outline and features was sitting on the floor up against my wall and below my window. The moon was 3/4 full so I had a fair amount of light in the room but not too much. He just stared at me and I just stared back. Bored with that I laid back down and as soon as I did, two very large (tall) dark figures walked into my room from the hallway and then went to a hover position above me. Then they both descended and sort of laid on top of me. Feeling uncomfortable because of this weirdness, I stood up and the two dark ones stood up and walked away out toward the hall and the one from the floor followed them. He was not as dark as they were. Actually, he bordered white. If incubus do exist, I'm guessing that this is what they were. I could actually feel this substance of them in my mouth and nose when they laid on top of me.

I went to visit my grandmother's home for a few days (1989). I was sleeping in my grandfather's bed who was deceased. I was just getting ready to fall asleep when the cat jumped onto the foot of my bed, quite lightly. I laid there for a moment and then it dawned on my that my grandmother's cat was killed by dogs a few months prior.

Obviously, thinking that it was the cat who I had forgotten had died, you can see how close I was to sleep (probably borderline REM sleep). With that realization, I immediately sat up and saw the form of my grandfather standing at the foot of the bed. I didn't think that it was my grandfather, instead, I knew it was. Hard to define that since it was a feeling that was being portrayed within and not something I believed with my eyes. So I don't know how they can do it but they can put pressure on us or on something. Enough anyway to get our attention.

I told my grandmother in the morning and her eyes opened up real wide and in her high tone (German accent) she screams AAAAAAA, I thought I was going crazy, I have seen him too but I couldn't say anything to anyone.

This last one I don't see anything and instead just feel it. However, I have seen them in my home, which I'll assume are the same ones messing around as mentioned above. (the two dark shadows and the one light one).

Occasionally while resting and laying down on my bed watching television, I'll feel someone put (what feels like) a hand on my leg or my arm. Sometimes it even appears to be a game with them because they will touch my leg or my arm (extremely light pressure) and I'll question what I just felt and then who ever did it will then touch the other leg or the other arm. It's as if they're wanting me to recognize that they there with me. Whoever 'they' are that is. This happens frequently and like I stated, it appears to be a game with them now.

In all my years of witnessing such, I have never seen any of them clothed and instead their substance is their clothes. I've read where some see clothes but I have never done so. I'm starting to wonder if seeing such with clothes on are actually screen memories and not a shadow seen with the eye.

I am also one who has frequent OBEs and actual awake state visions so I've got the whole shootin match unfortunately.

Hindsight2020 said...

So many questions concerning shadow people, too few answers. Like everyone else, I have more questions than answers. I too have had encounters with shadow people, and I often refer to them as the black eyed people, because in most instances their eyes are as dark as the cloaks they wear. I've seen two with fiery eyes, and my son has seen a dark shadow fiery eyed entity.

My first encounter with a shadow was at the age of 15. I lived on Jacksonville beach Florida, and it appeared behind the apartment building where a friend of mine lived.

We were coming out into the parking lot, and as I was getting into her car, I caught sight of the shadow entity. It was cloaked, and there were eyes of fire inside the hood of the cloak. I stared at it, and it stared back at me. I wasn't frightened, and turned to ask my friend what I was looking at.

She thought I was nuts! She couldn't see it, but I could. It hovered at least six feet off the ground, and watched us as we left the parking lot.

I didn't see it again for until I turned 21. This time it appeared in a different state, I had moved to Tennessee, and it liked to stay in the barn. My young son could see it, and it disturbed him. He would cry and point at it, so I moved from that house to another one.

As my son grew older, he was constantly telling me that he could see shadow people, but none of them had fiery eyes. He had grown used to them, and they no longer frightened him. I couldn't see them, but he could, and I knew he could.

When I was 24 years of age, I saw another shadow person. It was day time, in the morning hours, and I was attending a church service. I couldn't see any eyes this time, and this shadow person moved about among the people there. If anyone else could see it, they didn't make it known.

Several months later I saw another one, and in the same church. This time it was night, and this shadow person stepped into a person who was standing and speaking. The shape of the persons face became distorted, as if it was being bent across a pole, the forehead leaning to the right, the nose to the left, and the lower portion of the face again was bent to the right side. The eyes of the speaker changed to black --- a deep deep black, and this thing looked at me.

I was over taken with fear, and as I looked around to see if anyone else was frightened or acting strangely, I noticed that everyone was moving in slow motion. I also noticed that sounds had slowed down, as if a tape recorder were running very slowly.

I realized at that moment that these shadows must be resonating at a higher rate of speed than we are, and this is why they are undetectable to most people. The vibration rate was much faster than any vibration I've ever encountered. Somehow, I had tuned in to that vibration rate, and could see as well as hear and feel the atmosphere that surrounds a shadow person.

This shadow person remained inside the speaking man for what seemed like ten minutes, but I'm not sure how much time passed. The stare of this thing was beyond any fright I've ever known, and I'm still not sure if it was my fright I was feeling, or that of the shadow entity. All I can say is that I felt deep fear.

It stepped out of the man and disappeared just like that. The man stumbled back a little, and said he felt dizzy. He had no idea something had entered his body and then left it.

The next time I saw a shadow entity was in a dream, and I was 27years old. There were more than one, there were nine. They sat behind a table that was in the shape of a semi-circle. they were cloaked, and each one was allowing their eyes to be seen. All the eyes were black, the blackest black I've ever seen, and they were looking out on a crowd of people who were there to voice concerns.

I walked up to the table and looked at each of the nine shadows, but none acknowledged that I was standing in front of them observing them. In my dream, I had no fear at all. after I reached the last shadow, two people grabbed me and carried me through the crowd and put me into the back of a white limousine.

I awoke feeling disturbed, and have never forgotten this dream.

My next encounter came after having major surgery, and I was 30 years of age. I had just been released from the hospital, and was heavily medicated. I'd had a bad experience in the hospital, suddenly I couldn't tolerate morphine and it arrested my breathing. I had one of those experiences where you disconnect from your body and watch everything that's going on.

After being released from the hospital, I stayed with a friend because I didn't need to be alone. During the first night, as I was sleeping, I found myself standing next to myself --- watching myself sleep.

As I stood there, I could sense that someone was standing to my left, behind me --- but I couldn't turn and look, I was blocked from turning. I could look to my right, and when I did, the wall began vibrating faster and faster.

Suddenly a shadow entity walked through the wall --- it was uncloaked, and it's appearance was like looking at black oil. It's body was muscular, it's head was large, no hair, and it's eyes were black and red. It had almond shaped eyes, a small nose and small mouth. The head shape was partially oval, and it had red blood veins in like manner as humans have blue ones, running all over it's muscular structure. It stood about 7 feet tall, and it couldn't see me at all.

I stood there looking at this odd being, and noticed that it was looking at the me laying in bed. I suddenly felt like fighting and looked down at it's feet --- only it had no feet. It's legs faded to black and red mist --- and as I saw this I had an urge to jump into my body that was sleeping.

This shadow entity dissipated into a cloud of black and red mist, rose up forming a column, and began wrapping itself around my feet and ankles, snaking it's way up the length of my body.

Suddenly I found myself throwing covers off myself and screaming NO! I demanded that the thing leave me alone, I told it that it couldn't touch me.

I noticed that I had been heavily sweating, my sheets were soaked as was the gown I wore. The room was ice cold, but I felt hot --- very hot. I couldn't go back to sleep, and was even weaker than the day I had been through surgery.

I felt no fear during that, but was taken with curiosity and eventually anger at it's attempt to invade my space.

I still see them today, mostly out of the corner of my eye. I have no idea who or what they are, but I know they interact among us, and they don't like being known.

Perhaps they are escorts from this realm to the other side, perhaps they are connected with the death process, but I don't feel they are to be feared. The nature of darkness is to be unknown, we're not supposed to be able to "see' in the dark. These entities are unknown by most, and seem alarmed when they are seen.

After experiencing all the things I have, I don't believe them to be demons, or anything evil --- I see them as travelers, but I don't know where the destination is.

I can say that after my surgery, I wasn't supposed to be able to walk without a lot of physical therapy, but I did. I was also highly addicted to nasal spray, and had been for a year prior to the mist. after that experience, I no longer needed nasal spray, and I walked with no difficulty within two weeks of this encounter. My neurosurgeon was astounded at my progress --- his comment was, "well, when you're down, you're down bad, and then you're up like nothing happened." My spine was separated at the L4-L5 level, I had to be reconstructed. Anyone with any knowledge of spinal injuries knows what this means.

I leave this with you to ponder, and I have to say that I think if we can endure and move past the fear --- perhaps one, or some of us can learn more about these shadow entities.

Forrest Hiller said...

I've had just two shawdow being encounters. Maybe more, but I know they visit me when I dream and they don't present themselves in the manner we see them in our reality.

I had a freind who called them The Audience. He used to say they were all around us watching.

Anyway, my first experience happened late one night after I visited a realtive. Right as I turned onto the street where I live, I noticed a black shape move across the road and behind a parked car. I couldn't see the top of this shadow but the bottom half was visible. It had long spindley legs and didn't walk, it sort of skated across the road. Sure it moved its legs like it was walking, but its movement was so smooth that it couldn't have been a human or an animal.

The second happened while I was sitting in my room watching the tv. It was a black flash out of the corner if my eye. It made me do a double-take. Ever since then I feel them keeping their distance outside my peripheral vision then, when I fall asleep, they try and do interact with me during my dream-state.

I feel some of these beings are here for sinister reasons, but the ones that do appear in my dreams, I feel, are showing me that there are other worlds humans occupy. These aren't dreams that most people have, like having superpowers or being chased. They aren't dreams where I'm trying to work out problems in this reality or based on some sort of desire I may have. A small percentage of my dreams are like that, but the majority of these dreams are somewhat mundane dreams and are extremely vivid. It seems like these beings have the power to show me the lives of my other-selves and what they are doing, at the time, when my brain tunes into these other-realms. This happens almost every night.

It's easy for these shadow beings to travel between worlds and some are tryig to tell us something about our reality. I don't know what the message is. But they've made it clear to me that something is going down here in this realm and our time may be coming.

Sorry if I went off-topic a little. I just feel that these shadow beings and my vivid dreams are connected.

Have a good one and peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

I experienced shadow people as a child in my first home. I was only about seven when we moved from the house buy I remember very well what I would see night after night of poeple all shape and sizes walking down our hallway. Just shadows, I remember looking for the source day after day to try and explain what I was seeing and never finding one, I would also hear music, that my parents right down the hall would never hear. My Mother also tells my I had a whole town of imaginary friends. Those I only remember slightly and only names. Now as an adult we have moved into a new home and my son says he sees people walking down the hall, and he has requested his door be shut, I am inclined to believe him, because of my past experienceit sounds very much the same. I might add that we are an military family and move often. We have lived with paranormal before dark figures walking up stairs and standing out in our yard, things going bump in the night and my son has never been afraid he would just say our house was haunted, almost proud, but here is different we have not yet lived here a year and he is afraid to go to sleep.

Shadow _people said...

Here are the 3 types of Shadow people. Yes they are REAL.


Category 1
This category falls into drugs use, seizures, and other mental issues. This category covers a very vast description and is known to have descriptions that may or may not match what others describe in category 2 and 3. Category 1 actually may not be considered shadow people at all due to the non consistancy in the descriptions.

Category 2
This category falls more into the ghost and spirit category. The descriptions in this category are as follows: non human shaped shadows or masses of human shaped shadow people in one place, insect shadows, animal shadow people, and women shadow people. These are mostly see thru shadows. Category 2 shadow people tend to be drawn more to a location than a person. It is common for this category to actually try and not become seen. Light may affect this group.

Category 3
This category does not fall into the ghost or Spirit category. This category has only 2 types of shadow people, One tall shadow man and several small hooded "twin" style shadow people. These are usually seen non see thru however they may be see thru. This category is more drawn to a person rather than a place, this category may actually be drawn to a certain spirit or ghost as well as humans. This category tends to not care about being seen. Light has no effect on this group.

Anonymous said...

I just found this site through P.I.D Radio. I emailed this site to my daughter who told me of a recent experience with Shadow People. She said she hoped I would not think she was crazy and that it did not scare her, even though it sounded scary to me.
I have only had one experience with Shadow People. It was not very interesting, but when I began looking on the internet recently what struck me was the man with the hat.
Many years ago, I woke up and saw a man with a hat walking down the hallway. I kept watching as he came closer until I freaked out and woke up my husband. When I told him what I saw, he asked if he was wearing a hat. He had seen the same thing prior to that and did not mention it, even though it scared him.
We guessed it may have been the landladies husband who had passed away in the house a long time ago. I only recently began to find out that other people have seen the same Shadow Man wearing a hat. How odd. Her father remembered differently when she mentioned it to him, I don't remember what he told her. He may remember more if she tells him what we thought it was at the time. My daughter saw a Shadow Man and a small person wearing a cloak.

Anonymous said...

In 2002 I moved into a house East of Seattle. The third night I was in the house some relatives came to stay the night. Later the next morning my aunt took me aside and said she sensed something in the house the previous night.
Nothing ever bothered me until 2005 when I began to model. Quite often I began to see a dark shape of person near the door of the den out of the corner of my eye. I usually dismissed these sightings as a trick of mind.
Then it happend in Nov. of 2007 While sitting in the hot tub one night I glanced in the living room window and there was a dark shadow in front of the lamp staring at me. At first I thought someone was in the house, but then how could they be dark in front of a bright lamp. As soon as it realized I was looking at it, it quickly moved from the window through the living room wall, remerged in the kitchen then disappeared towards the den. I ran inside dripping wet checked the house and no one was inside. I never said anything to anyone.
A few months later my cousin stayed over one night he looked awful in morning. I asked why. He told me he was very frightened the pevious night. He said he saw a shadow in the hallway watching him in bed and then it disappeared through the wall. I then told him my story so he was quite surprised that I had seen it myself a few months earlier. He asked why I didn't tell him the house was haunted. I told him I'm not sure it's ghost, and if it is I don't think it's a bad one.
I'm not sure what this shadow person is or what it wants. I don't feel threatened by it, but I am scared when I see it. Sightings are rare though, so I don't mind putting up with it as an unwelcome house guest.

Anonymous said...

I have always seen fogs and smelled paranormal smells etc.. but my first encounter and knowledge of shadow people was in december 2006 i was heavily pregnant and coming out of the bath during the day turned to get my towel and came face to face with this 6ft shadow man -he was not see through even though it was daytime and was black from head to toe with no other features . He stared at me for a while and then disapeared , From then i couldn't get rid of them ,i have seen greyish small ones walk through my bedroom ,black flying one's around my bedroom ceiling even when im not in their during the day i was seeing this .
After my son was born it got worse ,every night their was a black hooded person with a sunken white face like an old man ,he was bent over like an old man and he just used to watch us -(sort of reaper like) a couple of days ago i saw a white ghost in my house coming down the stairs and then at bed time their was flashing lights on my ceiling even though their was no power on -my husband also saw these .
Last night the flashing lights where back and moving around the ceiling watching me ,my husband and baby son , the room then filled with lots of various sied white and red orbs and then the hooded figure came back .. he stood beside my husband and looked into my sons cot ,turned to look at me then disappeared through the bedroom wall.a few minutes later their was a white shadow person ..i say shadow person because this was he same as the shadow people but white with like a luminious white outline and white shadow inner no features etc.. He came up to my sons cot looked it then walked away then three groups of ten walked up to my sons cot of the black shadow people looked in at him and walked away .
For the rest of the night i had one spirit stand at the bottom of my bed watching me .
It's funny because normally i am always cold but when i have seen them i have been un believably hot and when their in my bedroom ive had to push the duvet off me i dont sense they are evil i think they are here to help us ,learn from us and watch us ... sort of like a human zoo .lol .

Anonymous said...

Our son at about 14 years said he saw dark shadow silhoettes of a figure and they all wore tall hats. I never heard of such and dismissed it at first. He seen them often in our home and after seeing a show maybe on Oprah I'm thinking I looked it up on the computer and saw that there was others who reported this. Anyway My son developed a virus that attacked his heart and gave him Mio-Carditis. To make a long story short he died ..... or his heart stopped 4 times as the heart surgeon attempted to install a heart bypass machine to his heart thru his open chest. he developed many life threatening occassions and they gave him 10 % chance to live, He had complete Kidney (Renal) failure on top of all else and eventually lost both of his feet and had a bi-lateral Symes amputation. His heart , Kidneys and all else are remarkably amazingly healed and walks ok with his prosthetic feet! The Docs called him the miracle Boy @MUSC.
But the shadow people displayed theirselves to him for a solid year before this virus attacked his heart, after 2.5 mos. in ICU and recovery and finally coming home if I'm not mistaken he seen a shadow person 1 more time and has not seen them since. So I,m thinkin' they have something to do with bringing sickness.He is 19 Y/O now I have heard that they are not evil from some accounts but I have a different outlook on them.

Stephanie said...

I've been trying my best to research Shadow People on the internet. I believe I've had several encounters with Shadow People throughout my short life. But even thinking about them sends a shiver down my spine--even as I write this.

I'm sixteen and a very emotional person so I can understand if they're attracted to my fear and sadness. But it began when I was a little girl at about six and I was very happy for someone at that age.

I used to have a lot of sleepovers at my grandmother's when I was little. There was something about her house that always didn't seem right in the back of my head. My grandmother claimed to be a devout Catholic but in light of her recent death I've come to realize she only went to church to keep up appearances and never really knew where her faith lied. I'm going off track, sorry. Something bad happened on one of these nights. At my grandma's I slept on a twin-sized bed with her because I didn't like sleeping alone and my grandpa slept on another beside us. There was a bathroom door that was parallel to the bedroom door and she left the bathroom door open with the light on so she and my grandpa could reach it in the dark (mind you they were very old). Well she got up in the middle of the night and went to use the bathroom. I woke up when she got up and was very alert (I never had blurry vision half-asleep half-awake periods until I was 12). I rolled over and let my arm hang over the bed as she went to the bathroom and shut the door halfway. The light cut right through the space between the twin beds and I could see my arm clearly. But as I laid there and stared at my arm boredly something
reached up and grabbed my wrist. In the light I could clearly see a
hand blacker than the darkest night grabbing my arm and attempting to pull me down onto the floor. The whole time it touched my arm I didn't feel skin on me. I felt fear and dread coming from the hand. I have severe panic attacks when I'm extremely frightened and my throat closes and I begin to suffocate. I couldn't scream I only stared at the hand trying to pull me. Somehow, a basic instinct I guess, I pulled my arm away and it let go. I scooted back and pushed my back to the wall because the bed was up against a wall. When my grandma returned I held her tightly and began to cry and when she asked me why I wouldn't answer. The most frightening thing about this whole experience is that when she had come back and I had begun going back to sleep I sensed something in the corner of the ceiling right above my head.

I suddenly begun fearing the nighttime and always clung to my grandma as I slept. For some reason grandma got tired of leaving the bathroom light on and began shutting the door, so only a faint strip of light would appear under the door. I begged her to leave it open, because it gave me some sense of protection. But my grandma was very stern and hushed me and told me to sleep. I would cling to her wide awake and stare into the darkness over her shoulder for hours every night. In the dark I could see something by the closet or maybe standing over the bed watching us. A dense, almost paralyzing pressure would close in on me and the sense of dread washed over me everytime the lights went out. That happened every night but slowly
I began to live with the fear.

A couple years later my mom and her boyfriend rented a house together and we lived in it comfortably. But my mom told me
something weird. She said a long time ago a woman had hung herself
in my room. I immediately demanded that I switch rooms with
Jason, my brother, and she quickly said that it might've been a false
story. I've never taken the time to see whether the suicide was true or not. But with my fear of the dark and being alone I asked to keep both of our oldest dogs, Hooch and Spike, with me in my room at night. For a few months things were okay but soon Spike began lifting his head and staring at the closet door. Hooch, who was very sensitive and often anxious, began whimpering for no reason and pacing on the floor. Spike would sometimes growl at a wall and I'd be afraid and leave the room with them. At night I'd always leave the television on so I could sleep. But sometimes I'd wake up suddenly, like an alarm had gone of in my mind. And when my wide-opened eyes were greeted by the sight of pitch-blackness instead of my bedroom covered in the white-glow of the television I would begin to cry. That fearful
pressure would always start closing in, like some supernatural force threatening me, "I'm gonna getcha! If you don't find a light soon I'm gonna get you!" is what message I imagined it was trying to get across. I always get that feeling alone in the dark. I never turned off my television at night and my mom never turned it off. I would wake my mom and ask her and she said she only went in my room to kiss me goodnight but left the television on. I would go back and try to sleep but a stared at the television until my eyes closed, hoping to see and stop whoever was touching the Off button.

The true encounter with a Shadow Person happened a year later. I was thirsty and got up to get a drink. The dogs were asleep and didn't follow me. I went down the hall to the kitchen and filled a glass and was returning back to my room. I froze when I saw a shadow standing in the center of the door of my mom's room. I thought for a second it was mine. But it looked to well-formed and not elongated. It appeared to have the shape of a woman a very thin one if any. The shadow stood there about five seconds before it walked into my room of course. To tell the truth I wasn't particularly afraid of this Shadow Person. I felt surprised to see it I didn't feel
malevolence from it like the others. I ran down the hall, spilling drops of water from the glass of water in my hand, as I ran to my mom's room and woke her up. I slept in her bed that night and it took about two weeks for her to coax me into returning to mine. The Shadow People seemed to be following me.

When I was about eleven my mom, brother, and her next boyfriend (my now step-father) had left that house and had already moved for two years with my grandma and grandpa. My mom and step-father were awake and in the kitchen and living room. My brother lived in the family room in front of the house. All the lights in it were off but the door was open. My step-father was watching Jeepers Creepers and I was taking a few glances at it. I was never afraid of going into a dark room by myself as long as there was light behind me. My mom went into my brother's dark room to get something from his dresser. I followed after her to continue a conversation we were having when I saw someone standing in the middle of the room between me and her. This figure was completely black and apeared to be wearing a hat and a coat. I believe this was one of those infamous "Hat-Men" Shadows that a lot of people have seen. I stared at it but didn't say anything. I thought it was my imagination thinking of the Jeepers Creepers monster because he wears a coat and hat too. But as I looked at him he was solid and partially blocking my mom out of view. As I tried to take a step towards him I begun to feel a hostility coming from him and a force keeping me from going forward. My mom didn't seem to know anything about it, like the experience was just for me. I walked out of the room and didn't say a word for the rest of the night. I kept telling myself it was the Jeepers Creepers monster in my head and it wasn't real. That was last really shocking encounter to happen in that house.

About a year later my grandma and stepdad got into a fight and he and my mom were kicked out of their house, though my brother and I stayed behind. My mom searched for a place to live and stayed with my Great Aunt Yolanda, who was just about as crazy as my grandma. My Great Aunt's house is the definition of a haunted house. And for some reason my mom managed to convince me to spend the night. The old woman wasn't keen on light in her house, day or night. She kept windows covered with sheets and it was always dark. That night I was asked to stay I stayed in the room my mom and step-dad were staying in and played with my Gameboy Color on the bed. The place was scary enough without the dark. I could hear rats scratching around in the walls and I always looked where it was coming from fearing I'd see one knawing its way into the room. So I stayed on the bed as my mom, step-dad and great aunt chatted outside over beers. The whole house was dark and the room I was in was the only one completely lit. As I laid on my stomach at the foot of the bed facing the open door I noticed something in the corner of my eye. It looked like someone peering around the threshold at me. I thought it was my mom but I never heard a door open. And the door at my great aunt's always creaked painfully on its hinges and closed with a metallic slam.
No door was opened and someone was looking at me. I looked up at saw a shadow in the hallway. It wasn't defined clearly like the
"Hat-Man" or the female shadow. It was like a smokey thing with
humanoid attritbutes. I looked up at it and it stared back. Then it
calmly receeded back down the hallway. I sat on the bed and stared at the doorway. I jumped up and closed it.

At thirteen my grandparents moved from their old house but the bad aura seemed to follow them. They went to Pennsylvania to live close to my uncle but it never worked out. So they moved to a rinky little quadriplex with a bathroom and two bedrooms. I stayed with them because I missed them. It was their first day there and they were unpacking things. It was boring, it was after school and I only had a book and they didn't have cable yet on their one television. It was two o'clock and I decided to sleep on the twin bed in the second bedroom. I took a long, heavy nap. In the darkness of my sleep I was beginning to wake up. I was quite content to continue sleeping but that alarming feeling was pleading with me to wake up. I could feel a heavy force pushing down on my back, as I was lying face-down. It felt like it was trying to make me go back to sleep. I lifted my arms and managed to sit up and opened my eyes. I saw orange sunlight coming in the windows. I finally understood why my brain was freaking out and why this strange force was weighing down on me. It was dusk and the sun was already halfway past the horizon. If I had continued my nap I would've woken up in a completely dark room with no light (my grandma didn't have a lamp in that room yet). I know this sounds paranoid but I felt like something wanted me to wake up utterly vulnerable and afraid in the dark. However it didn't make a difference if I woke up in the dark at night. A few hours later
it was time for bed and my grandparents went to their bed and I slept on the floor on a make-shift mattress. The faint glow of the street-light in front of the quadriplex barely reached the windows and so I laid the entire night on the floor, afraid of seeing something staring at me and coming towards me.

Unfortunately two years later after turning age fifteen something finally decided to come confront my fear head-on. My mom, step-dad, and I moved into our own quadriplex apartment half a mile away. We settled in and thankfully nothing occured for over a year. In this apartment I went from thirteen to fourteen and from fourteen to fifteen without any problems. Nothing. But some new neighbors moved in. They're a passive Hispanic family with an
apparent devout faith in God. However we never question with
religion they practiced. One day my mom told me she saw a sickly
woman arriving to their apartment with her husband and thought nothing of it. She knew they carried on bible sessions at their house. However when my mom went into her room and laid on her bed she she heard yelling coming from their apartment. Her master bedroom and bathroom shared a wall with their kitchen and living room. She said they were shouting biblical things in Spanish. Since my mother is Cuban and speaks Spanish fluently she said it sounded like an exorcism. There was yelling and screaming for close to an hour and then it stopped. The woman left in a very weak state, my mom said, but didn't look as sick as she did when she arrived. The next night I was awake and getting ready for bed. I went out of my room and to
the kitchen for water. As I walked back I noticed something in the hallway where our front door is. Something was standing in front of the wall that we shared with the apartment next door. It was tall, taller than my mom or step-dad. It's head was close to touching the ceiling. It was clearly visible and was an impossibly dark black color. The shadow looked like it was wearing a robe or a cloak that reached
its feet. I was frozen to the spot and stared at it. My jaw even went slack and was hanging open. I was terrified. It was worst level of fear I've ever felt in my whole life. I felt paralyzed and a panic attack went
into full swing. It wasn't like the "Hat-Man" and nothing like the
Shadow Woman. The shadow lurched forward and began running at me. Somehow my feet began moving and I reached my room and slammed the door. The entire time I ran that short distance of ten feet to my room I felt the shadow right on my back--mere centimeters from touching me. I didn't sleep that night and left my television and
both lights on. I never left the room until morning. I was afraid the thing was waiting outside my door. Because of the exorcism I thought what I had seen was the demon exorcised from the woman. But it's characteristics match that of a Shadow Person.

There is one thing I've wondered about...are there Shadow Animals? From time to time when I'm laying on my bed reading or watching television I notice a small flash of black in the corner of my eyes. Like something running past my bed. At first I think its my black cat but when I see him he's in a completely different area in the room. In the corner of my eye I always see a slinkly little tail or a little black body running behind my chair or the front of my bed. It's not frequent but it happens maybe twice a month. I honestly think its just my eyes replaying an image of my cat in my mind but I just wondered if this has ever happened to someone too.

Well those are all the encounters that happened in my far. I still sleep with my television on every single night. If the power goes out in big thunderstorms and I'm in the dark my heart starts to race and I suffer another panic attack. That horrible pressure always comes with it. And I feel like something is coming into my room. It might just be a phobia or a fabrication of my mind but I swear on my dignity and honor that these experiences are true.

Anonymous said...

My first experience with shadow people was back in 1999-2000. I had moved from a duplex to an apartment. The apartment was very nice, with a large bedroom, and two closets. One night while sitting in the livingroom watching television, I caught out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow coming from my bedroom, and walked into the bathroom. I got up, and went to the bathroom, but there was no one there. This was very frightening to me. I didn't say anything to anyone, until it happened again. This time, I was on the computer in my bedroom, and all of a sudden, a shadow came out of the bathroom, and went into the living room. I thought I had left my door unlocked, and went to check it. The door was locked, and there was no one else in the apartment but me. After the third time, I noticed that it didn't frighten me as it did the first time. I began seeing them quite often, walking from room to room, but never coming into the room I occupied. I don't know what they are, or why I was allowed see then. I find it very interesting, and somewhat special, that I could see them. I wish someone could explain what it is. They have never stood before me, watching me, nor have I ever seen them standing at the foot of my bed. they would walk from room to room, as if I wasn't there. It not only happened at night, it would also happen during broad day light. Glad to know that there is someone else you can talk to about it. People don't understand unless they've experienced these things for themselves. You sit and listen to them joke about it and laugh at you for even mentioning it. So, you just suck it up and laugh along with them, while on the inside, you're feeling like really stupid for even mentioning it.

Lexington, KY

Leopold Peterson said...


I was just about to post an awesome story about the things I've experienced, until I realized you were intending to make money with something I'd have to give to you for free.

I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

These experiences occurred in 1993 - 1994, and all in the same house:
My now ex husband was the first to see a shadow person in this one house we had. He woke me during the night saying, "What do you want?" I asked who he was speaking to; and he said he thought he saw one of the kids in the doorway, but that it looked so tall.
Prior to this I'd had multiple episodes during the night after he left for work (which was 2-3 a.m.), where I would feel as though someone would sit down on the bed on his side. I was so terrified each time as it was so real I could feel the bed shift with the weight. I tried to convince myself I was dreaming but tried to breathe normally and not move in case it was an intruder, although I don't know why I thought that would make them leave me alone.
Then I saw the same shadow as my ex for a few nights. It was very dark and appeared to me to be a tall man, although I couldn't make out features like eyes, nose,etc. My ex and I experimented with turning lights on/off, opposite of the norm, to see if we could determine if something was throwing the light in such a way as to make it appear someone was standing in the doorway to our room, all to no avail.
Afterward, the feeling of someone sitting on his side of the bed continued, then became the feeling that someone would lie down on the bed. Each time I was paralyzed with fear. (I want to add, b/c of some things others I told about this years later, that my ex and I were NOT getting along at the time; and his behavior had become strange enough that I hid the bullets to his hand gun. The vibes in the house weren't good a great deal of the time.) Finally, one night after my ex went to work I "felt" the entity in the room behind me & beside my ex's side of the bed. I then felt it lie on the bed, then scoot closer til it was spooning with me, only just close enough not to quite touch my body. It lay there for a long time, which was the most terrifying event of all. I never told anyone of these events until many years later as I had always scoffed at stories about ghosts or spirits and figured people would think I was crazy.
My ex finally moved out of the house, at which time I moved my bed in a position diagonally across from the bedroom door in such a way that I could see the doorway every time I opened my eyes during the night. He (the shadow person... I thought of it as a "he") was always there, just sanding and (I assume) watching me. I honestly felt NO fear of him once my ex was gone, but rather felt safe every time I saw him afterward, as though he was watching over me. It was very strange to go so immediately from fear to safety in my feelings about him; but I was naturally accepting of the safe feeling.
Almost a year after my ex moved out we divorced; and I had to leave the house as I couldn't afford two mortgages. I had a HUGE panic attack the evening of the day I gave the landlady a check for the deposit on the rental home & asked her to tear up the check as I simply couldn't leave the house. However, the next day I realized I had no choice and rented the new place.
I haven't seen a shadow person since, nor have I felt as though someone was in my bed with me. But as I've gotten older (I'm 56 now) I've wondered more and more what he was and why he was there. But mostly I've wondered what would have happened if I'd acknowledged him in some way. I think I may have partially smiled in his direction a few times during the night after the separations from my ex; but that was the extent of it. I have checked out many books in stores but never found a story that sounded like mine. Obviously, my mind is much more open about this sort of thing now; but during the negative-feeling events my mind was quite closed to the extent that I did all I could to make myself believe I was dreaming. It's still so weird to me how comforting he was after my ex was gone and the bad vibes had gone with him.

Taneese Hanson said...

Hi, I saw one today! I was walking through the cemontary and me and my partner looked straight into its eyes. I've seen this a number of times but my partner has seen this only today! I need help, I don't understand why its following me?